Our Mission


We help the women of China realise their dreams.
We bridge East and West by combining traditional western culture with 5,000 year-old Confucian values.  We help China better understand the world and the world better understand China.  We help Chinese women gain respect for their traditional culture and values as well as their understanding of international social norms through studying international etiquette. This enhanced social standing is consistent with China’s global economic leadership.

We are pioneering the hostessing lifestyle in China.
We are a unique combination of inspiration and how-to information on being the lady of the house. We demystify the art of hostessing through understanding, knowledge, power and control.


We want every Chinese woman to know about us.
Our ultimate goal is to reach every Chinese woman, whether living in China or overseas, by creating and distributing lifestyle content through every major media channel and products consistent with our mission.

We seek to be the foremost lifestyle authority in China.
Our mission is to take the Chinese woman by the hand, in this time of great change and pressure, and lead her to a better, more fulfilling life of family oriented values, excellent taste, and quality ideas.

Our Vision

We help our clients build confidence through knowledge.
We provide our clients with the building blocks of confidence and knowledge so that they can move with ease in every situation across different cultures.


Our school will be an oasis of comfort and elegance – and aspiration – for all visitors.
As soon as people step into our school, they should feel this is a world where everything is elegant and in order, making them calm and at ease. Visitors will be well taken care of and will aspire to create a home like this.

We strive to anticipate the rapidly changing needs of our clients and adjust our curriculum to meet these needs.
Our clients’ problems become our own problems, and we listen and help them create solutions.

Our Values

Our assets are our people, credibility and reputation.
We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards: reputation takes a lifetime to build and a second to lose. We expect our people to maintain high standards of integrity and honesty at all times.


We take pride in the quality of our work.
We strive to achieve excellence in all we do. Although our business is not the biggest, we want to be the best and known as the “luxury brand” within the etiquette industry.

The hard work, dedication and politeness of our people are second to none.
Above all, our people must treat others with courtesy and respect. Everyone we interact with must be taken by our good manners and grace.


Our teachers strive to be role models for Chinese women and to help our clients become role models themselves.
We are trusted advisor to and an example for aspirational Chinese women. We teach them to be open, generous and empathetic to others. We encourage every woman we touch to strive for excellence in her life as a woman.