Chinese Etiquette

Institute Sarita offers courses in Chinese business etiquette to foreigners.


How do you greet your local Chinese partner? In what order do you greet the their team? Are you toasting properly at Chinese banquets? Chinese culture as a collective tends to be highly sensitive to what others do therefore it is critical as a foreigner to understand local etiquette and protocol. This training in Chinese business etiquette will significantly improve the participant’s ability to be effective in business and social contexts.

The course is offered in English at Institute Sarita's premises in Beijing and Shanghai, as well as taught at client's site for company training for multi-national corporations and embassies. Topics covered include:


• Greetings, introductions, and taking leave
• Precedence and table seating

• Conducting business meetings
• Chinese Cuisine, table manners, and toasting
• Formal positions and titles
• Chinese psychology and non-verbal communication



Chinese Business Etiquette Videos


Sara Jane Ho’s on-demand course on Chinese business etiquette is the first of its kind in the virtual space and offers Westerners a chance to learn from her anywhere, anytime, and on any device.


It is especially relevant for Westerners who interact with Chinese on a business level and need to gain a deeper understanding of the local business culture and its etiquette. Sara Jane Ho covers a comprehensive range of topics and shares tips and insights which would otherwise take you years to piece together on your own.


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“Key takeaways for me included a solid understanding of the basics - introductions, greetings, meeting and meal etiquette, etc. - and a deeper sense of much more subtle topics, such as face and guanxi [networking]. All of what I've learned has been valuable to me - in China and in the US. The value to me was immediate, with much of what was included in the course put into practice the very next week.”
— Michelle Fleury, Corporate Senior Director at Cisco Systems