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Savoir-faire is the knowledge of just what to do in any situation; tact.  Savoir-vivre is the knowledge of the world and the ways or usages of polite society.



For Beijing’s Miss Manners, this is not just about telling a shrimp cocktail fork from a chopstick: she wants to launch nothing less than a cultural revolution in decorum. “Institute Sarita is the first step in creating a global etiquette movement,” she says, noting that etiquette really means “showing respect and consideration for others”.
- Financial Times


Savoir-faire and savoir-vivre are critical today: knowing how to make introductions, dress tastefully, or which cutlery to use at the dining table. All aspects of daily life are subject to refining if one wants to become a sophisticated gentleman or lady. But it is never too late. Etiquette and good manners can be taught and learned.

Our mission is to help you develop important skills that will support both your private and professional lives, refining you into an elegant lady or confident business executive that will help you achieve your social endeavours, seek overseas investors, or make an impression at a job or university interview. We help China better understand the world, and better express itself to the world.


Institute Sarita is China’s first and leading finishing school and was named as "The World's 50 Most Innovative Companies in 2014" by Fast Company magazine.


In September 2016, Sara Jane Ho and Rebecca Li published a set of etiquette books under the CITIC publishing group for the Chinese market. 


Sara Jane Ho’s book (written in Chinese for the Chinese market), "Finishing Touch: Good Manners for the Debutante," presents contemporary lifestyle etiquette for young women from 16-30 years old. This fun, tongue-in-cheek and distinctively pink guide is comprehensive and relevant, covering everything from table manners to rules of society, beauty and grooming, special occasions and dating etiquette.


Rebecca Li’s book, "Elegant Hostess: Good Manners for the Lady of the House," is a married woman’s toolkit on how to entertain and run the household with confidence and grace. This little blue book helps a woman be the best mother, wife, and lady of the house that she can be.


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Institute Sarita has been featured in the Financial Times, New York Times, China Daily, CCTV News, Forbes Magazine, Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg Businessweek, and more.


Founder and Principal Sara Jane Ho is on the Forbes 2013 list “Future Women in the Mix in Asia: 12 to Watch.”